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    DongGuan City Kennedy Machinery Co,Ltd
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    DongGuan City Kennedy Machinery Co,Ltd
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      Our company  established  in 1990, "Quanxing plastic machinery factory is our former name", we registered as a limited responsibility company in 1994. Headquarter locates in the "China manufacturing city"- Dongguan Guangdong, cover an area of 30 mu, the branch plant locates in Huizhou city, covers an area of 100 mu. We specialize in plastic processing and baling press machines. The government awarded the enterprise "private science and technology enterprise" / "the contract and keep credit enterprise" and "China environmental protection equipment manufacturer" , energy conservation and environmental protection industry title and a series of honor, the company has passed the China machinery industry association of qualified quality testing and the European Union "CE" quality system authentication, and we possess several technical patent. Science and technology achievements and technology indexes are leading level in southern China. The development of Hero has been achieving strong support from the government.

      As the competition is increasingly violently today, Hero will adhere to the quality principles of "Strive for progress, Seek increasing perfection, Strict management and Sincere service", comply with the philosophy of "people-oriented" and meet different demands based on advanced technology, comprehensive scientific management, rational price and considerable service.

      guangdong province dongkeng town, dongguan city, the Angle of social new countryside
      0769-83865741 83866679 82989861
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